Welcome to Ti & Me: Begin Here

Welcome to Ti & Me: Begin Here

The Begin Here videos will help you start your dance journey off with a strong sense of purpose and clarity. We will begin with alignment and body awareness, slowly adding breath into our movement. Next we will review some basic concepts like turn out, spotting, and musicality. Lastly, I share some advice to develop confidence as a training dancer to create a healthy mindset and work ethic.

Welcome to Ti & Me: Begin Here
  • Welcome to Ti & Me!

    If you're just getting started here, be sure to watch this first!

  • Dance Posture and Alignment

    Learn how to hold your body while training. I walk you through, step-by-step, to understand alignment and “lift” while moving.

  • Using Your Breath

    Breathing allows fluidity and flow while moving. Learn how to incorporate breath to make movement look natural.

  • Spotting Turns

    Spotting is locking your focus on a fixed point. Maintaining your focus while turning helps sustain balance, control, and momentum.

  • What Is Turn Out?

    Turn out is external rotation that starts from the hips. Let’s dive into turn out, how to achieve it, and why it’s important to dance technique.

  • Staying On Count & Musicality

    Let’s jump into the importance of music to dance. Learning to count and stay with the music is a big part of training in dance.

  • Building Confidence As A Dancer

    I share some tips and advice as you embark on your dance journey. Remember to be kind to yourself throughout the process. You are amazing!