Week 4

Week 4

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Week 4
  • Self Care

    Self care can be anything that makes you feel good! It can be a face mask, calling a friend, taking a bath, meditating, a kickboxing class, whatever! There is no wrong way to do self care. What's most important is that you are giving yourself a chance to be present and connect with your inner world.

  • 30 Min Barre- Alignment Focus

    Work your way through a classic barre progression with a strong emphasis on body placement and awareness. Learn to move in space while maintaining a vertical spine, neutral pelvis, and expansive upper body. Each class contains a 2 minute stretch mid-barre.

  • Active Recovery

    Recharge your body with some live activity like hiking, yoga, or going for a walk! :)

  • Titanic

    This routine includes jumps, a pirouette, and a floor work trick.

  • Pas De Bourrée and Pirouette

    For additional pirouette practice, go to our "Pirouette Bootcamp" playlist.