Most Popular Videos

  • Day 1: Hamstrings

    Welcome to the start of the 21 Day Split Challenge!! Today we'll be focusing on your hamstrings...

  • Dance Posture and Alignment

    Learn how to hold your body while training. I walk you through, step-by-step, to understand alignment and “lift” while moving.

  • I'll Understand

    This routine includes floor work, basic ballet turns, and rolling through the spine for various movements.

  • Stretch and Roll Out

    I walk you through basic stretches that can be done anywhere to help lengthen the arch and increase foot flexibility. Then, we will work the arch and any built up tension with roll therapy.

    *Suggested prop is a tennis or lacrosse ball

  • Titanic

    This routine includes jumps, a pirouette, and a floor work trick.

  • Using Your Breath

    Breathing allows fluidity and flow while moving. Learn how to incorporate breath to make movement look natural.

  • Day 3: Back

    It's time to get that back stretched and limber!