Pirouette Boot Camp

Pirouette Boot Camp

Work through a 5-part series that will improve pirouette preparation, rotation technique, balance, and stamina.

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Pirouette Boot Camp
  • Prep and Spotting

    Learn how to prep a turn and spot. I break down the basics of a parallel pirouette prep and walk you through spotting exercises.

  • Alignment

    Dive into proper alignment during a pirouette. Learn how to hold your body when rotating on an axis.

  • Core Activation

    Learn a quick routine to fire up your core. The muscles we will target are heavily responsible for stability and balance.

  • Alternating Rotations Exercise

    Learn a pirouette exercise that alternates directions. This challenging exercise relies heavily on core strength, a clear spot, and body weight awareness.

  • 6-Step Exercise

    Learn a 6-step pirouette prep. This classic exercise emphasizes staying grounded in your plié to enhance the “pop” up to a high relevé and passé.