Perfect Dance Feet

Perfect Dance Feet

A series of short classes focused on improving foot flexibility, toe mobility, and ankle strength.

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Perfect Dance Feet
  • Stretch and Roll Out

    I walk you through basic stretches that can be done anywhere to help lengthen the arch and increase foot flexibility. Then, we will work the arch and any built up tension with roll therapy.

    *Suggested prop is a tennis or lacrosse ball

  • Theraband Conditioning

    These targeted exercises work key parts of the foot, ankle, and leg. Each exercise works towards increased strength, range of motion, and stability. I guide you through, step-by-step, to ensure your technique and execution is accurate and most beneficial.

    *Suggested prop is a theraband. Resista...

  • Toe Mobility and Strength

    Learn how to increase toe mobility with this highly specific exercise that targets foot control and strength. The slower this exercise is done, the better. Each movement is deliberate and controlled, helping you gain heightened body awareness.

    *Suggested prop is a hand towel.

  • Balance and Ankle Strength

    Improve your overall balance and control with these rise exercises. The cues I give you throughout the video will help you properly place the ankles in space and distribute weight between the first and second toes. Other benefits of slow rises include increased calf strength, ankle strength, and ...

  • Tendu Combination

    Work through a tendu combination that combines all ideas from the previous videos. The exercise focuses on stretching the arch, articulating through each part of the foot, maintaining proper placement, and executing all movements with control and balance.