Pirouette Bootcamp

Pirouette Bootcamp

The Pirouette Bootcamp is just what you need to learn how to do proper pirouettes! Beginner turners can benefit from strong foundational work, while advanced dancers can fine tune consistent, steady turns. Each video is progressional, so, begin with #1 and work your way towards #8. We’ll begin with alignment and turn prep work, as well as spotting practice to lock in your focus. Next, we’ll activate the core muscles to create optimal balance and control. Towards the end of the bootcamp we begin rotating, emphasizing clean turn technique through various, purposeful exercises. We recommend following one video per day and repeating videos #5-8 as turn technique maintenance.

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Pirouette Bootcamp
  • Alignment

    Dive into proper alignment during a pirouette. Learn how to hold your body when rotating on an axis.

  • Prep and Spotting

    Learn how to prep a turn and spot. I break down the basics of a parallel pirouette prep and walk you through spotting exercises.

  • Core Activation

    Learn a quick routine to fire up your core. The muscles we will target are heavily responsible for stability and balance.

  • Balance

    Work on balance with your leg in passé. I guide you through a flat foot passé and relevé passé sequence to enhance body awareness and equilibrium.

  • Quarter, Half, and Single Rotations

    Begin quarter, half, and single rotations. This progressional sequence helps improve control, placement, and strength.

  • Chassé Pas De Bourrée Exercise

    Learn a pirouette exercise that moves across the floor. This exercise focuses on finding placement and control while moving, similar to a pirouette in a piece of choreography.

  • 6-Step Exercise

    Learn a 6-step pirouette prep. This classic exercise emphasizes staying grounded in your plié to enhance the “pop” up to a high relevé and passé.

  • Alternating Rotations Exercise

    Learn a pirouette exercise that alternates directions. This challenging exercise relies heavily on core strength, a clear spot, and body weight awareness.