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Watch this video and more on Ti & Me Studio

Passé, Attitude, and Arabesque

Ballet Basics • 2m 55s

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  • Chaîné, Piqué, and Pirouette

    I break down 3 basic turns with a focus on control and placement. Travel across the floor with your chaîné and piqué turns, while staying in place and grounded for your pirouette.

  • Tombé Pas de Bourrée and Balancé

    Learn 2 basic movements that are used as connectors for more complex phrases. Tombé pas de bourrée is often used as a turn or leap prep and balancé is usually used as a waltz step.

  • Waltz

    Learn an across the floor waltz step that emphasizes clean footwork. Work on staying with a ¾ time signature and brushing through the feet to gain strength.