Ballet Basics

Ballet Basics

Ballet Basics will take you through a crash course to learn all the fundamentals needed for a strong ballet foundation. We will work on the positions of the feet and arms, with a focus on proper alignment and body awareness. Next, learn simple movements typically done at barre. Each of these steps will translate into more complex movements as you continue your ballet training. Following barre, make your way into center where you’ll learn beginner turns, waltz, and small jumps. Finally, I’ll guide you through across the floor leaps and a proper close of class, your reverence.

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Ballet Basics
  • Positions of the Feet

    Learn 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th position. I teach you the mechanics of each ballet position with a focus on correct alignment and body awareness.

  • Positions Of The Arms (Port De Bras)

    Learn the positions of the arms. I teach you the mechanics of 5th en bas, 5th en avant, 5th en haut, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with a focus on correct alignment and body awareness.

  • Plié, Tendu, and Dégagé

    Let’s dive into 3 basic ballet movements- plié, tendu, and dégagé. Work on the fundamentals that will translate into more complex movement.

  • Rond de Jambe, Développé, and Grand Battement

    Work on the stepping stones of leg extensions. Begin with half circles, move into a leg lift, and finish off with a powerful kick.

  • Passé, Attitude, and Arabesque

    Learn 3 basic positions of the leg- passé, attitude, and arabesque. Each position will eventually translate into movement, rather than a static pose.

  • Chaîné, Piqué, and Pirouette

    I break down 3 basic turns with a focus on control and placement. Travel across the floor with your chaîné and piqué turns, while staying in place and grounded for your pirouette.

  • Tombé Pas de Bourrée and Balancé

    Learn 2 basic movements that are used as connectors for more complex phrases. Tombé pas de bourrée is often used as a turn or leap prep and balancé is usually used as a waltz step.

  • Waltz

    Learn an across the floor waltz step that emphasizes clean footwork. Work on staying with a ¾ time signature and brushing through the feet to gain strength.

  • Sauté, Changement, and Échappé

    Practice 3 basic dance jumps- sauté, changement, and echappé. I guide you through each jump with a focus on positioning, rolling through the feet, and clean transitions.

  • Saut de Chat

    Practice your big jump, the saut de chat or “jump of the cat”. We piece together a tombé pas de bourrée and glissade to prep for our large leap.

  • Finger Placement and Reverence

    Learn how to hold your fingers when working through ballet technique. I guide you through a proper close of class, your reverence. We perform a reverence out of respect for the art, the instructor, and the student.