• Ballet Basics

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    Ballet Basics will take you through a crash course to learn all the fundamentals needed for a strong ballet foundation. We will work on the positions of the feet and arms, with a focus on proper alignment and body awareness. Next, learn simple movements typically done at barre. Each of these step...

  • Open Level Ballet Barre

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    Follow along full length barre classes that are beneficial for any level dancer. Each class will take you through a classic barre progression, emphasizing clean technique and expansive lines. These classes are a great way to improve alignment, polish fundamentals, and develop a sense of performan...

  • Ballet Center

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  • Ballet Center: Tendu w/Pirouette, Adagio, Petit Allegro

    *This is a ballet center class, not a barre class. The instructor mentions "barre" in the introduction.*

  • 30 Minute Barre (Includes Short Stretch)